Fees for Individual Speech & Language Therapy and Assessment. Valid from 1st July 2019

Initial Assessment


Inclusive of a summary report

60-minute session


Individual session at home or in school/nursery

Summary Report fee


30-minute session


Individual session at home or in school/nursery

mainstream school session


Morning or afternoon in a mainstream school setting

detailed report fee


45-minute session


Individual session at home or in school/nursery

Twilight training session


This lasts for 1-2 hours

legal/tribunal report fee


Fees: Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a written report cost?

For assessment/statutory assessment and reports, prices vary dependent on the needs of the individual child. We have given an outline of our our report fees above, but please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we can give you a more accurate price.

Where does the speech & language therapy take place?

We can provide children's speech and language therapy in your own home, in nursery or school.

Will I be charged any additional fees?

Each child and each case is individual. There could be circumstances when more sessions would be beneficial or further reports may be required. This would be discussed and agreed before further fees were charged.

What session length should I book?

The optimum session length depends on the age, needs and stamina of each individual child. Following an initial assessment, we will recommend the best session length.

How is payment taken?

Fees can be paid by cheque or BACS. Fees should be paid on the day of assessment/session or a block of therapy can be paid for in advance.

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